The Brief

To drive awareness of developer MAB’s new Box Hill apartment project among the Chinese audience.

The Approach

Chinese audiences behave very differently to western audiences and Bastion China and Bastion Promote embarked on an education process to help our client understand why the ‘tried and tested’ approach to selling property wasn’t relevant here. A few key insights that shaped their approach included:

  • WeChat must be at the heart of any strategy. Not being on WeChat is like not existing.
  • If Chinese buyers can’t take a photo of something and share it on WeChat, it basically doesn’t exist either.
  • Chinese buyers need incentives to follow brands on WeChat and incentives like giveaways.
  • Chinese buyers also like to be treated as VIPs, so brands must identify ways to make them feel special.

It’s important to note that their client (pre COVID-19) had secured an activation in Box Hill Shopping Centre and so our strategy had to somehow leverage this blank canvas of a space. What we decided to do was to formulate a campaign bringing offline and online activity together. 

Tempo brand includes quirky illustrations of Tempo future residents by an uber cool Japanese artist. The activation space was envisaged as an interactive photo booth where we blew up the renders so people could ‘pose’ in the spaces with a range of interactive props – promoting the project on their WeChat. By taking their pic in the space and following MAB on WeChat they would also get a free cute little magnet of one of the Tempo characters. We would then content market them with stories through WeChat on the project and then invite VIPs for the first viewing of the display suite.

Bastion EBA helped with initial advice on designing the activation space as well. 

The Results

When COVID-19 happened the activation was off. As a result, the team moved the whole thing digital where they built a great H5 form where people could participate in a quiz and get matched with a Tempo character and receive a magnet. All the steps happening on WeChat.


The magnets produced by Bastion Promote are extremely cute and covetable – they successfully resonate with the Chinese community and the client LOVES them. Each also has a QR Code on it, encouraging people to continue to follow the MAB WeChat account. Cleverly, it also is a physical at-home reminder of the project while the display suite is under construction.


This launched in early April 2020 and the rest of the strategy will unfold as per planned.