Cancer Council

Our Creative Idea

From three ideas, the research identified the one that would drive the greatest change:

Cravings vary and happen 24 hours a day. Our services help you beat each and every one, no matter the time of day.

This idea literally takes every hour of the day, talks to a familiar trigger and craving and uses media to show that our services are here to help you get through that craving moment.

To do this, we created 24 films to represent the 24 hours in a day. Each ad is aired on its hour, while on digital they can be used contextually and frequently.

Our line: Beat cravings one at a time.

We needed to ensure that we kept our audience focussed on the ‘here and now’ not asking them to quit, rather making them feel understood and encouraging them to beat cravings, one at a time. Just one, then another… then another…

Further Research

We needed to ensure the cravings or triggers resonated with people who smoke. Bastion Creative undertook research to understand key trigger moments and where and why they occurred over a 24 hour period. We tested 54 craving moments (self identified, by people who smoke), then plotted them against each hour of the day. We choose the 24 most common cravings and turned them into ads. We needed to demonstrate that quitting is an around the clock challenge, and by understanding the key trigger moments we showed an insight and empathy with people who smoke.

Execution/Examples of Content

The scale of this campaign was extensive, reaching people who smoke in all channels.

Film, Social / Digital video and static, out of home displays, Digital banners, Radio, Spotify an more, with 726 pieces of content created.

With higher smoking rates amongst CALD and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences we ensured that the campaign was developed accordingly. It resulted in an extraordinary breadth in terms of diversity of audiences captured via talent, voice over and art direction.


After 3 weeks, with strategic testing, creative testing, diverse representation, and a tone of voice that highlights that we understood ‘the world’ and ‘their need’ of people that smoked (no judgement, no shame, no didactic government voice over telling you what to do), everyone was confident of its effectiveness and continue to collaborate with CINSW to roll out assets.

Beat The Cravings
Beat The Cravings