Casa Ferrari

Bastion Experience was tasked with the coveted creative and construction of Ferrari Australasia’s home for the 2022 Melbourne Grand Prix; Casa Ferrari.

This year proudly positioned on the iconic main straight, a place for owners and invited guests to immerse themselves in the Ferrari lifestyle, to take a journey through 75 years of the most important brand in motor racing history and to create a home for Ferrari aside its spiritual birthplace… the track.

Whatever Bastion Experience created had to be one of a kind, it had to be special, and it had to articulate an aesthetically effortless link to Ferrari’s Italian heritage. The result was a completely custom two-story architectural build, a modern twist on the traditional Italian Masseria. Textured white archways, framed black windows flanked by olive trees, a bold showpiece of red stairs slicing through the minimalist exterior, providing guests with a dynamic second story entrance and unrivalled views of the track.

Inside the light-filled Casa featured a free-flowing series of rooms, each highlighting elements of the family history, racing DNA and current technological advancements, all an intrinsic part of Ferrari’s incredible 75-year journey.

Prior to Sunday’s race, Casa Ferrari was host to F1 driver Charles Leclerc and Team Principal Mattia Binotto who helped to launch the limited-edition 812 Competizione, a car loudly embracing its racing DNA, for the most passionate of Ferrari collectors and connoisseurs.