The Brief

The brief was to develop a campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the value of the engineering profession, what engineering is (today) and how engineering improves the world around us and ultimately improves people’s lives.

We also had to shift perceptions of Engineers, engineers are problem solvers that improve our lives. They play a crucial role in solving the global problems around the world.

Engineers by nature are curious creatures, their minds think differently as they solve the problems of the world.

Everything we do every day happens because of engineering.

The Work

We created a new brand campaign and with this came; new positioning, new tone of voice – daring, innovative, exciting, new tagline and a new look and feel.

‘Making Life Happen’ showcases the pivotal work of engineers across projects that are much more than buildings and bridges, including everything from robotics in surgery and pumped hydro electricity generation to micro-recylcing and structual feats like a clifftop walk and a modular construction high rise.

The campaign is spearheaded by a 30-second spot, and a number of 15 second variations, which will roll out across broadcast television with supporting executions in print, social media, radio, Spotify and Out of Home.

In the leading spot, a hopeful sound track and inspired female narrator describes the contributions of engineers to Australian society, as a number of scenes depicting the broad scope of engineer’s work play out.

The campaign also extended across acquisition and member communications from brochures, videos, email marketing and display banners.

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