DEVELOPING MEDIBANK’S COVID-19 HEALTH ASSIST SERVICE BY CONDUCTING quantitative research among Medibank members, with a rapid turnaround.
Bastion Insights help Medibank develop COVID-19 health assist service

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Medibank identified a critical need among the community for mental health support services to help people cope with the stress caused by the situation. As a leader in healthcare in Australia, Medibank developed a concept for a health and support service for its members that provided access to a range of healthcare professionals, at no extra cost.

Bastion Insights, the market research agency, stepped in to provide extremely timely but valuable insights on this concept, gathered from conducting rapid turnaround quantitative research among Medibank members. This assisted Medibank in making very fast decisions about the service, its name and the key points of messaging that resonated most. The service – called COVID-19 Health Assist – was successfully launched offering a range of telehealth services and other support programs.

Bastion Insights responded extremely quickly in this very unusual circumstance. Medibank was committed to launching an expanded telephone support service and needed member feedback to ensure that this was successful. The response from the Bastion Insights team was outstanding, delivering a quality research outcome and responding to key stakeholders in record time.