Aimed to safely accelerate Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination rate throughout the month of October, the Million Dollar Vax saw Bastion Amplify manage the PR and social media for the high-profile campaign.

Million Dollar Vax

To maximise the launch moment, we worked in conjunction with News Corp to offer the exclusive story that was syndicated across all their mastheads prior to a wider media campaign kicking off. Knowing that vaccinations are a contentious topic, this allowed us to lead the direction of the story and ensure all key messages were delivered to avoid any skepticism and validate the promotion.

We then conducted a national media blitz with Million Dollar Vax Alliance chair, Craig Winkler, acting as a spokesperson across dozens of media opportunities including appearances on Sunrise, Today and all major TV and radio news programs.

In order to continue the momentum throughout the month, we developed milestone news stories based on entry data and entries received, we also worked closely with sporting ambassadors such as Bachar Houli and Luke Shuey to help encourage vaccination in several lower vax states via their social media platforms.

In addition, proactive media relations, Bastion also established and led the content creation and community management for the Million Dollar Vax social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram. This served to compliment the positive media relations strategy, but also respond and react to questions regarding entry upload from participants and to mitigate any potential negativity towards the campaign.

The campaign was a huge success, with over 2.75 million entries – the most of any competition in Australian history. 






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