Bastion China and Parks Victoria Chinese Influencer Golden

Bastion China were asked to develop a campaign strategy that included engaging with the popular China-based influencer, Golden, out at the spectacular Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria. 

Parks Victoria serves to protect the state’s natural and cultural heritage on behalf of all Victorians. They wanted to increase their brand awareness and gain exposure, and engaged Bastion China to develop a campaign that would help achieve this by means of reaching a wide-scale audience.


Golden, who has more than 1 million followers across TikTok and community review sites RED and Toutiao, showcased the many aspects of the park that visitors can enjoy, in a video campaign that would also accompany an article and competition – which was featured on Parks Victoria’s WeChat account. 

Check out the campaign here, as well the video on TikTok and RED


The campaign achieved high exposure across Golden’s social media platforms gaining a total viewership of 227,851 coupled with 2,796 likes, and 520 comments. Here are the details by social media platform: 

  • TikTok: 220, 000 viewerships, 2,576 likes, 436 comments, 13 shares
  • RED: 5,682 viewerships, 154 likes, 76 comments, 2 favourites
  • Toutiao: 2,169 viewerships, 66 likes, 8 comments, 1 shares

The campaign featured on Parks Victoria’s WeChat and gained 642 new followers and 572 competition entries. Pageviews of the campaign article on Parks Victoria’s WeChat account hit 4,052 – the highest viewership among all posted articles.

Parks Victoria are happy that the survey met its growth and page views objectives. Furthermore, the campaign generated fantastic content, which was spread further than what we expected.