Agency: Bastion Banjo

Built on a single ingredient story – superfoods – we needed to bring that to life in Australia, Asia and North America. The benefit of superfoods is they bring vitality to your pet. B+M is packed full of superfoods that mean your dog will be full of vitality. And when they are, they live what we call “the super life”.
The Brief:
Develop a distinctive brand idea to engage pet food shoppers globally and achieve growth target.
Strategic Approach:
A blend of superfoods in B+M hand crafted by a nutritionist represented a white space that B+M could own and differentiate the brand from competitors. Banjo focused on the superfoods and the benefits they bring to your dogs health and vitality and therefore benefiting your relationship with you and your dog.
Strategically we took it from a functional space to an emotive one and this was reflected in the creative. The approved creative line and approach after a long strategic and creative process was Live the super life with Superfoods’.
Creative assets delivered to meet the objectives:
A suite of truly global and adaptable assets that can be used across a range of channels (TV, digital, press, activation) – 13 videos in multiple languages.