Combining the expertise and experience of four Bastion businesses – Bastion Reputation Management, Bastion Engage, Bastion Latitude and Bastion State – this project demonstrated the benefits of the Collective and each business bringing its expertise to the table to deliver a world-class result for the client.


With billions pledged to build the Melbourne Airport Rail Link SkyBus, the only current provider of mass airport transit, wanted to reinforce its legitimate role in the conversation about Melbourne’s transport planning needs.


So SkyBus turned to Bastion to help it tell its story more effectively and change the conversation that decision makers were having about how to respond to Melbourne’s growth and congestion challenges.


Bastion Reputation Management and Bastion Engage identified that a strategic campaign was needed, underpinned by customer and stakeholder research to understand how people viewed SkyBus and the airport rail debate in Victoria.


In a six week period leading up to the Victorian election Bastion’s campaign reached more than 2 million people, and led to SkyBus being an essential part of conversations around Melbourne and Avalon Airport future planning and transport planning in the state.