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Air New Zealand The Great Christmas Chase

Air NZ Great Christmas Chase
Air NZ Great Christmas Chase

An unflappable Air New Zealand Flight Attendant races against time, and quite a few other elements, to save Christmas for one unexpecting passenger.


Air New Zealand are renowned for their iconic and unique take on Christmas campaigns.

This year, we set ourselves the challenge to break away from common Christmas tropes and create a campaign that only Air New Zealand could do.

At the heart of Air New Zealand is their people. Air New Zealanders go above and beyond for their passengers every day, so we wanted to bring the inherent care Air New Zealanders have in an unconventional way.

Introducing: The Great Christmas Chase.   

A flight attendant notices a young passenger has left a Christmas present on the plane. She then embarks on a race against time to return the lost gift through a busy airport filled with travellers and obstacles.

The campaign leans into the action movie genre, using easter eggs from iconic films to hyperbolise the suspense and physical feats the Air New Zealander needs to overcome to save Christmas for a young passenger.

The campaign has been promoted like a movie release. With trailers, film posters and social content directing people to watch the film.

The film is designed for digital storytelling, captivating people from beginning to end as the flight attendant counters flying Candy Canes, obstacles in Air New Zealand lounges, long escalator slides and a painstakingly slow car chase.

Strategy, creative & design by Bastion Shine.

Directed by Josh Frizzell, production by Reel Factory.

Media by Dentsu.

Air NZ Great Christmas Chase
Air NZ Great Christmas Chase
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