For the Australian Open, Bastion EBA were tasked with shifting perception of Kia from a practical brand to a premium brand whilst launching their first small SUV, the Seltos

Rather than tell people about the features of the car, we decided to anchor our experience in something our audience cares about more: music. We build the Kia Seltos Studios which dramatised deconstructed elements of the Kia Seltos in a way that would resonate with our audience; multi-sensory experiences that invited play. 

The outer walls of Seltos Studios were built to mimic the car’s in-built Bose speakers. Neon signs and changing colours gave onlookers a first-hand feel of the car’s mood-lighting feature and drew attention from across the grounds. The hero of the activation was ‘Beat The Beat’, which brings together an amalgam of the Seltos features in a digital game that challenges guests to stomp digital tennis balls to speed up their virtual Seltos and the immersive ‘Mood Room’, which was a giphy booth that brought the innovative sound mood lighting feature of the Seltos to life, which was easily shared on the individuals social channels.


  • Fans Entering the Activation: +18%
  • Average Dwell Time: +84%
  • Promo Items Distributed: +78%
  • Seltos Enquiries: +657%