Gaytime Bites

To launch Golden Gaytime Bites we had to create a frenzy among consumers to sell out the product – and elevate Golden Gaytime’s identity from historic icon to game-changing innovator.

As Bastion Amplify develops its relationship with FMCG giant, Unilever, we were briefed on a huge launch for one of Australia’s most iconic ice-creams, Golden Gaytime to launch Golden Gaytime Bites.

This product is a further development of the snack-size, bite-size craze sweeping the confectionary sector over the past couple of years – now Unilever is bringing this trend to the ice-cream aisle.

We had to get the news out to Aussies to drive sales to sell out the product in four weeks, garnering coverage that achieved two core messages:

  • Golden Gaytime is a leader in the sector, constantly innovating
  • Get it before it sells out!

Utilising influencer and publicity tactics, we amplified (pun intended!) the news across both traditional media and social channels.

The campaign reached 1.7 million eyeballs across social and 50M+ OTS in media channels, and we garnered a huge amount of coverage over the course of two days – even becoming a trending news story on google.

The product sold out in just two weeks and was so popular with fans that Woolworths brought forward the launch of other bites to meet demand!


weeks was all it took to sell out!




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