Agency: Bastion Effect (Australia) and Bastion Elevate (U.S.)

Unispace, a global workplace specialist, hit the 10 year mark and were set to make some big changes. They engaged us to manage a global communications campaign announcing new leadership and highlighting Unispace’s corporate message, with an emphasis on earned media in the U.S., Australia, London and Singapore. 
Global communications campaign - Unispace


Unispace, a global workplace specialist for commercial real estate, had reached its 10th year in business and was poised to make some big executive changes for further growth in the industry. After basing the company in Australia since its inception and scaling its footprint over 25 countries with more than 600 employers, the founders hired two well-known executives in the commercial brokerage space – a CEO based in Chicago and a chief revenue officer in New York – to take the helm and focus on growing the brand in North America, Europe and Asia. Bastion Effect, the primary agency for Unispace’s public relations in Australia, teamed with Bastion Elevate in the U.S. to collectively manage the global announcement in collaboration with a third European agency.


The goal of the project was to coordinate a global communications campaign, announcing the new leadership and highlighting Unispace’s corporate message, with an emphasis on earned media in the U.S., Australia, London and Singapore. With a client contact in London, Bastion agencies in California and Melbourne, executives in Chicago and New York, a UK-based agency pitching all of Europe and an Asia-wide media outreach team all moving at once, the effort would touch nearly every time zone and require a high level of organization to keep the message on point and consistent.


Bastion Effect and Elevate connected early and often to stay aligned in their outreach strategy, keeping the client informed every step of the way. We conducted onboarding sessions with the new leadership team and agreed to a unified message as well as strategies and tactics to secure high-level business and trade media. The campaign commenced prior to the official launch date in order to secure premiere media placements as early exclusives. This strategy was effective as interviews with The Australian, ABC Radio National, ABC’s The Business, Business Insider and Fast Company were secured days before the news would be made public, setting the tone for the global month-long campaign.


By the time the multinational project wrapped up, we secured 23 earned media placements reaching more than 213 million people. The success not only amplified Unispace’s message across the globe and its target audience, but it also cemented a long-term relationship for Bastion Elevate to represent Unispace as its PR agency of record in the U.S, alongside Bastion Effect in Australia.

We worked with Bastion Elevate & Effect on a very important executive announcement. The team was responsive and strategic in their approach and produced the type of results we were looking to secure for this big news.

Chloe Petherick - Head of Global Communications, Unispace
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