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The Cross-Cultural Insights team’s expertise focuses on cultural research and consulting, targeting the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities residing in Australia, to understand the complexities that first-generation migrants face.

We work with various industries including Federal and State Government, FMCG, Financial Services, Retail, Tourism and more.

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CCI (Cross-Cultural Insights) is far more than just a research practice; it is a ‘state of mind.'

To understand the complexities that first-generation migrants face when navigating life in Australia, our Cross-Cultural Insights team must be experts in topics ranging from current affairs to trade, and even sociology.

A strong understanding of these interrelated concepts is necessary to acknowledging, understanding and addressing the issues of CALD communities. We make sense of complex issues and pain points. With our deeper understanding, we successfully transform clients’ and brands’ relationships, conversations and interactions with CALD communities from transactional to more meaningful engagement.

Why Cross-Cultural Insights?







A one-of-a-kind research community to bridge the gap and create a better understanding of the multi-cultural communities in Australia.

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A regular, ongoing, quick and affordable sensory check to help inform strategic decisions.

We play ongoing advisory/consultant roles for various industries including Federal and State Government, FMCG, Financial Services, Retail, Tourism and more.

We offer not only traditional qualitative and quantitative research but an integrated, progressive research approach to address business needs.

We are industry experts with lived-experience.

We help business stakeholders and ELT level executives to understand cultural nuances and their impact on social behaviours, brand aspirations, purchase expectations, drivers and barriers.

We run our very own in-language media outlets that have a broad reach and community impact.

We run a regular ‘Top 100 Brands’ report to identify brand awareness and preference related to all industries, amongst those who currently or previously lived in Australia, were not born in Australia, and have Asian ethnicity.

Our Clients

We work with a large variety of industry leaders

aus gas infrastructure group
cross cultural insights
city of melbourne
the greater metropolitan cemeteries trust
australian gov dept foreign affairs and trade
chinese museum
study melbourne
the star
Tourism Australia
vicinity centres
victoria state government
study melbourne
the star
australian government taxation office
australian open
cancer council
southern metro cemeteries trust
tennis australia
victorian department of transport
deoartment of health
victoria state government premier and cabinet
hort innovation
scanlon foundation
national foundation for australia-china relations
public transport victoria
study melbourne
the star

CCI Partners

Our People

Isabel Zhang
Isabel Zhang
General Manager, Cross Cultural Insights
Annabel Pittendrigh
Annabel Pittendrigh
Client Executive CCI
Luke Chen
Luke Chen
Client Manager
Vedant Bhusari
Vedant Bhusari
Client Co-Ordinator
Isabel Zhang
Isabel Zhang General Manager, Cross Cultural Insights

Isabel is a powerhouse researcher, business strategist and cultural evangelist. She is driven to do both great work and to make the world a better place. Isabel builds deep connections with community and stakeholders to truly get to the heart of the matter for her clients – building the ‘bridge’ between multicultural and mainstream. She goes beyond the ‘typical’ and ‘traditional’; always focused on the best outcome and the richest insights. With over 20 years’ experience, Isabel is an killer cultural & commercial research specialist, business strategist and cultural consultant. Her dynamic business experience consists of different markets, different industries and different social and cultural segments across the APAC region. Isabel provides powerful insights into the dynamics of multicultural Australia and connecting Culturally And Linguistically Diverse communities.

She has enabled many businesses and government organisations to deal with complex multicultural business and social environments effectively by acts as a compass, guiding and empowering the decision-makers with an in-depth understanding of cultural nuances, facilitating strategic planning, and policymaking. Isabel also acts as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Museum of Chinese Australian History. Isabel is a proud tiger mum, who sports multiple tattoos and owns a killer pair of combat boots!

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