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The Future of Work special report

Aussie employees may quit if office days are mandated, hybrid work study finds.

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Australian businesses are at risk of bringing on their own ‘Great Resignation’ in 2022 if they mandate a return to set days in the office, latest research for the ‘Future of Work’ special report shows.

The Future of Work (Adapting to the New Normal) report released today by Bastion Reputation and Bastion Insights draws on results from two surveys conducted in late 2021, comprising a nationally representative sample of 1200 Australians including 600 employees and 500 employers from all states and territories and a wide range of industries.

Amid much talk of the Great Resignation, the Bastion report found that 2 in 5 employees surveyed want more than anything to have control over where and when they work. For some, having flexibility was more important than incentives such as higher pay.

“After nearly two years of working in and out of lockdowns, employees feel liberated and empowered by the flexibility they’ve experienced, and many would now rather choose to leave their job than lose their ability to work from home when they want to,” Bastion Reputation CEO Clare Gleghorn said.

“Flexible working is being embraced particularly by female and older workers. While this is a positive trend for embracing flexibility, employers will need to be mindful that this doesn’t negatively impact on broader workplace culture and inclusion,” Ms Gleghorn said.

As Australian employers prepare their teams and business operations for a more stable year in 2022, this acts as a clear warning to them that embracing hybrid ways of working is now an essential part of ensuring a successful business.

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Clare Gleghorn, CEO – Bastion Reputation Management