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by Ahmed Elhadi  October 10, 2019


Bastion Rare is a leading SEO Company in Orange County, CA that is driven by one philosophy; to make your business’s online proximity felt for the best results. Whether small or large, your company deserves the best treatment. Optimizing your ranking across all the search engines brings more customers to your site. A full range of classic digital marketing services is available. Bring Bastion Rare on board and dominate major search engines. Let’s develop an effective SEO strategy for your company to achieve massive and sustainable results.

Award-Winning SEO Company in Orange County, CA

We are not bluffing when we say we are the SEO experts. With numerous awards to our name from top industry review sites, you have the assurance that investing in us is investing in one of the best there is.

Best you can get from our Orange County based SEO Services;

The internet has become the unrivaled point of reference in the modern days. With 55.1% of the world’s population able to access the internet, it is the ultimate destination for everyone seeking a product, service or solution to their problem.

Appearing on the first page of the search results has been proved to generate traffic of 91 %.  Has your business’s website made it to the first page?

The presence of your company on the first page positions your business for success. Don’t miss out on valuable leads. With effective SEO strategies from Bastion Rare, your website will appear on the first page of search results, guaranteeing conversion of leads to sales and ultimately more profit.

What Services Do We Offer?

To grow your business, Bastion Rare offers the following services;

  • Search Engine Optimization; we’ve strategized to target high organic rankings in order to drive pertinent traffic to your website. Tailored to meet your business objectives, our SEO experts use the comprehensive onsite/ one-page SEO approach to optimize elements on your website. Our team works on website title tags, Meta descriptions, content writing, and link building, making your digital marketing plans a thousand times easier to implement.

  • The Local SEO; as you draft your marketing strategy, localization and delocalization factors are an important consideration. A company with multiple branches can enjoy more leads within its respective locations. For instance, a customer searching ‘food near me’ in the search engine most likely gets a secluded box, with a physical map showing the location of your company. This is the benefit of local SEO. With our local Orange County, CA SEO services, your branch in the city outskirts can achieve higher ranking on search results within that locality. The presence of competitors notwithstanding, for your company, shall be at the top.

  • Franchise SEO; franchisees can reap more from franchise agreements.  By showing up on top search engine results, right customers will be attracted and they’ll flock to your shop. Grab the chance to get the strongest ROI with our specialized franchise SEO services.

  • E-commerce Optimization; Affinity towards online shopping has grown tremendously among consumers. A large percentage of shoppers see it effective with the possibility of enjoying better deals and accessing a variety of choice. Like other websites, E-commerce sites need to be optimized for high sales and revenue. Let Bastion Rare experts take your ranking to the top.

Key Elements our team handles to deliver online visibility and take your keyword rankings up the ladder;

  • Website Auditing; In order to locate the missing connection, we’ll conduct an audit of your website. This entails a review of your URL structure, metadata, technical issues, available keyword opportunities, backlink analysis, and competition, among others. The audit will deliver all that is needed to take you from where you are to where you should be.

  • Technical SEO; Unnoticed technicalities can be catastrophic. We’ll fix the threat posed by issues such as schema errors, dangling/ broken links, duplicate meta-descriptions and page load times, among others.

  • Building backlinks; search engines use backlinks on the weigh scale to determine whether your website is of quality and authority. The strong relationships that Bastion Rare has built with high-quality websites and bloggers is a surety for more backlinks. Our team will further conduct an analysis of your competitors; scrutinize websites to single out spam, before eventually embarking upon increasing your backlink profile.

  • Content writing; to achieve the best marketing content, the content marketing strategy must be one that is simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive. This is the driving force at Bastion Rare and our effective content writers will produce content that will be of great help in your internal linking and long-tail keyword ranking strategies. Originality being our forte, you’ll get genuine work that contains answers to all the customer’s questions.

Looking for the Best? Why you have to choose us for your SEO Strategy.

Digital marketing goes beyond running a colorful website. That is more of a formality nowadays. You’ve to stand out tall and get your business picked by search engines. By working with our seasoned and certified team, you’ll not only take your website ranking to the top but also bolster your return on marketing investment.

Our SEO consulting services uniquely apply to a range of companies, including franchises.

Why we stand out from other SEO agencies in Orange County, CA;

  • Many have succeeded with us; what is the best is always preferred over the un-established. Our SEO strategies are proven to work. As you put your hard-earned money to use, we’ll most importantly take time to listen to your business goals and needs as the start point. Like most of our clients, you’ll get to pay for your website in the very first month from new business leads.  Be part of the litany of our client’s success stories as you convert leads to profits.

  • We are ethical; honesty, integrity, and respect are our core values at Bastion Rare. Driven by these, we recognize and respect the uniqueness that each client comes with. We dedicate our time and effort to achieving higher rankings and increasing your rankings and conversions.

  • Customer satisfaction is our priority; the customer is our asset and deserves nothing but the best. With true diligence and commitment, we deliver on time, with absolute honesty and as promised.

  • Clear Reporting; a good report should be clear, concise, and show no vagueness. Upon task completion, the Bastion Rare team delivers clear, transparent and easily accessible reports to the clients.  Report access is made easy through our online SEO Clients Dashboard portal service. Here, a client gets 24/7 access to a full overview of their website’s SEO performance.

Get More Digital Marketing Services from us

Our additional specialties include;

  • Web Design and Development; for the best business, you require a quality website. Our complete websites have this attractive feature that gets visitors endlessly following links on our client’s websites. If you intend to build an optimized, custom built and mobile-ready website, talk to our experienced web development team.

  • Social Media marketing; the world is becoming increasingly social day after day. With social networks existing in numbers, serious businesses are striving to stand out as unique marketers as they engage potential customers across these networks. Without good planning, it can be very costly and time-consuming. This is where Bastion Rare comes in handy. We help businesses create effective social media campaigns and streamline all their digital marketing efforts affordably.

  • Pay Per Click Management; whether you want to improve on conversions through more leads, increase traffic to your website, or both, our team can help design a PPC campaign that directs you towards your business objectives.

  • Email Marketing; direct emails have a personal appeal. We deliver effective email campaigns with top-notch email content that will get email recipients to your site and earn you more purchases.  Additional email marketing services include content creation and personalization that fits your business goals.

  • Content Writing; high-quality content is the mother to more business deals. With our creative content writers, we avail well-researched and appealing content that is in line with your mission and desired tone and style.


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