What is a Google Map Listing?

by Ahmed Elhadi  April 14, 2020


As a business owner, it is important to ensure your clients can access information about your business and the products you offer at any time of the day at night. With the rising wave of technology and social media use, most people will look for whatever they need online.  Previous surveys show that an average phone user will use a navigation app when lost, user a search engine for suggestions on the nearest restaurants, library or a shopping center. Smart businesses, therefore, take advantage of this and ensure they have a strong online presence. Did you know that clients can access information about your business, where to find you, the products or services offered plus your operation time? How you may ask. Google map listing.

What is Google map listing?

A Google map listing includes relevant information about your business inclusive of your name, your operation hours, your location and contact number. For one to get the most out of the listing, they should ensure they have a competitive profile with full details. This gives you a milestone to appear in searches around your area.

How important is Google map listing?

1)Earn trust– most mobile phone users use Google. It is so far the most trusted search engine. If a potential client does a search and your business pops up in Google, its almost automatic they will purchase because they are sure you exist. Clients tend to trust businesses with an actual location that they can visit. It is your work as a business owner to prove that your store or office has a location. There are multiple verification processes a business must complete before appearing in local searches. Thanks to Google, the number of online scammers is reduced and a safe business environment is created.

2) Customer reviews and ratings before making a purchase, most clients will read through a business profile for customer reviews and ratings. Positive reviews boost not only your image to potential clients but also your sales as customers tend to purchase products with the most reviews. A satisfied client will also feel free to refer customers to your business. Reviews not only come in handy for clients but also for you as you will be able to see what you need to improve on or stop doing. Quality is key and it is your way of getting more ratings with time. To improve on your relationship with clients, leave room for conversation by responding to questions and being open to suggestions.

3) Stand out- every single business has competitors. Healthy competition is necessary as it keeps you on your toes and helps you learn from your competitors. With Google map listing, you are able to stay afloat by ensuring your business profile stands out. Ensure your profile is details and answers questions your client might have. Information like your location, contact details, services offered or the product offered should be displayed. If some information is missing from your profile, a potential customer might be tempted to look at your competitor’s profile and if its fully detailed you lose a sale. Add a brief description to your profile and make it easier for customers to pick you over your competitors.

4) Ease of customer engagement-Google listing has made it easy to constantly engage with customers. A customer can call in for questions or bookings. Google listing has made it possible for clients to make reservations or book appointments with just a click. This has made work easier for you as a business and for the customer.

For a Google map pin to be accurate, ensure the dress entered is correct and is updated. Do not include irrelevant details. Google reviews the information and verifies if it is correct thus making the PIN almost 90%correct. The information, however, is open to editing in case one feels the PIN is not accurate enough

Google maps can be defined as a web mapping service developed by Google to ease the navigation process. It comes in handy for navigators traveling by air, foot, car or public transportation since it offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, traffic conditions, and even street maps. Google Maps is an efficient tool as it enables travelers to move from one point to another and also to locate some buildings or streets with so much ease. Google search, on the other hand, is a web search engine developed by Google and is so far the most used search engine in the world across all platforms. The Google search gives answers to almost everything and helps users find what they want on the internet. Google search engine provides a wide range of material from books and authors to popular quotes, pet names flower types, recipes, vocabulary and translations, scholarly articles, comics and so much more. It is an ideal one-stop-shop.

In as much as businesses are conducted online, most sales still happen in physical shops and stores. This is why Google maps collaborated with Google ads to help business people keep track of store visits within their locations. Google, therefore, is now able to estimate the store visits simply by going through phone location history to check whether a person who clicked on your search ad ended up visiting your store. Google will collect this data not only from phones but from all devices including desktops, laptops or tablets. The information will help a business person understand what mostly attracted people to your store. Store visits do not always translate to a sale but will always bring you closer to a sale.

As a business person, it is therefore important to optimize your business profile and to give full details on your profile and take advantage of the online craze. Be alert and respond to questions, dress customer concerns and ensure quality. Make sure that the contact details on your profile are fully functional and the contact number is working. A happy client will always come back or will send a referral to you. Maintain a good working environment with your customers. Happy selling!

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