Bastion is an integrated, full-service marketing and communications agency founded in 2009. We are Australia’s largest independent agency, with an ambition to achieve the same feat in the USA. Our 250+ staff work across our offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, Newport Beach and New York City. We also hold agency partnerships in 10 Asian markets.

We offer a breadth of specialist capabilities across the communications spectrum including market research, brand and creative, advertising, corporate and change communications, PR and social media, digital and customer experience (CX), sponsorship and experiential, film and content production, merchandise, Asia marketing and communications, data analytics and panel management.





The reason why we get out of bed in the morning is to strive for better. We don't just create a better way, but we do better things. We're continually striving to be bold and never rest on our laurels. We exist to create an environment at Bastion that allows potential to be reached.

Founded in 2009, by Fergus and Jack Watts, the two brothers started out with bucketloads of energy and a serious drive that is hard to match. Jack and Fergus Watts are not your typical mad men. They have been on an incredible journey with the support of thousands of people. They have built Bastion into a 260+ person agency group in 10 years through a true commitment to creating more opportunities for their clients and their staff. The boys are fond of the early years, as any entrepreneurs are. The real joy, however, comes from striving to have Bastion make a dent on the communications industry. A driving passion to deliver ideas that are insight backed and an execution team that is second to none. A passion to continually evolve and create a group that delivers a modern, full service solution for the modern client. A focus on creating a place that is great to be, and a place that is great to be part of. That is what this business is all about.

Modern communications has become a challenging and complex task. No longer can we segment consumers based on age and income, nor can we reach the majority of American’s through traditional advertising alone.

We believe that the future of communications is the ability for any brand or organization to articulate one unifying idea, influenced by data and insights, executed consistently, yet bespoke across every applicable channel. To effectively deliver this, we believe brands and organizations need the support of an agency partner built for the modern world. This is why we have built Bastion Collective. Our clients can access the breadth of communications disciplines, delivered by the absolute experts in their field combined with owner operator service.

Every one of our 260+ staff work together to provide simple, original and resourceful solutions to our clients' complex communications problems.

Bastion is the hybrid between the large multinational agencies and the small independents. We're comprised of 3 U.S. mid-sized and 12 international agencies that work together to form a collective of agencies that solve our clients' complex needs.

Each one of our businesses is run by an industry leading owner-operator. Because let's face it, you are more invested in delivering exceptional outcomes for your clients if you have skin in the game.

This means our clients get to deal with the people who run the place. This makes us nimble and responsive in a rapidly changing communications landscape.
Our clients can choose to work with us in one of our disciplines, or, when the time is right, access our range of communications services to deliver truly integrated campaigns. More importantly, our agencies are complementary, not competitive. This means we genuinely work together to deliver an outcome that is best for the client, not the bottom line.

Our Values

At Bastion we have three core values that underpin everything we do.

Values that look out for our people and our clients.

Your Bastion experience is a valuable one: one that more than meets your needs and expectations.

Make each other's lives better


Deliver World-Class Work That Gets Better Every Time


Run sustainable businesses


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dax cornelius

CEO - United States

Solving organizational challenges as an officer/F-16 fighter pilot to serving another decade in C-Level sales and marketing roles, Dax embraces people empowerment and process. Responsible for U.S. growth, Dax believes Bastion's solution to a fragmented marketing industry is to provide detailed service expected of the smaller owner-operated agencies while also delivering an integrated offering across a number core disciplines by aggregating expert agencies under one roof.

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Jack Watts

Global CEO

Over the past 10 years, Jack and his team have grown Bastion Collective into the largest independent marketing and communications group in Australia. Day-to-day, he works with Bastion’s wide range of clients to ensure that anyone who walks through the doors leaves satisfied. As CEO, Jack prefers to anticipate Bastion’s next big opportunity rather than relish in its success – he is always looking ahead to see what can be achieved in the near future.

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Jeremy Jenkinson

Global CFO/COO

Jeremy has over 30 years of financial and commercial experience in the marketing and communications industry.

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Fergus Watts


Thanks to his knack for understanding business quickly and creating growth opportunities, Fergus Watts has assisted some of Australia’s most dynamic companies in charting the future of their marketing and communications. First and foremost, Fergus believes that a company is nothing without quality people growing within it. He has even fostered his own education program, the Bastion Degree, to help turn visionary young workers into well rounded self-starters.

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Tracy Golden


Armed with an MBA and specialization in business services industries, Tracy has worked with companies across America to achieve financial and operational success.

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Shana Starr

CEO - Bastion Amplify US

Shana’s expertise lies in the “getting it done” category and she works with her team to implement strategies and initiatives centered around exposure for growth.

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Chris Hubble

CEO - Bastion Insights US

Chris has 30+ yrs of experience in consumer insights with particular expertise in new product development, brand strategy, brand communications, and customer experience.

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